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We love acoustic music; music created by people (any people) using instruments that don't rely on amplification. It's music made wherever you are, sometimes with whatever is to hand, and that's the way we like it.

We travel the length and breadth of the UK to find interesting music and bring it to the device of your choice. And as we get bigger and better we'll travel further afield, looking for new and interesting sounds from Africa, Asia, The Americas; wherever people make music for themselves.

We're independent. We've no big backers (or small ones), we're not a media machine, we don't as yet sell advertising or sponsorship (although we'll have to one day) and we have strong ethical views on where our revenue will eventually come from. For now, we're funding ourselves and sticking to UK-based music. The UK is the musical crossroads of the world, London is where the roads meet. and there's plenty of great acoustic music here to keep us excited for a long time to come.

How on earth do we keep the production to such a high standard? The secret is, we shoot everything in HD to broadcast standard and record audio to live-album quality. We're production professionals who have decided to do something we really enjoy and pass on knowledge. We make sure that each and every single shoot we do has at least one trainee on board (who is paid for their time at London Living Wage rates). We want to encourage people to join in, learn and enjoy.

If you are a musician/performer/band and would like to be considered for AcousticNations, get in touch via e-mail and we'll take it from there. We have 16 acts currently recorded, with another 20 slated for this year. We'd really like to hear from musicians from other countries and cultures particularly African/Asian/Latin American who are here in the UK, as well as from communities who need support, such as the Syrian refugees. We understand how hard it is to get your music heard, particularly when the conventional media pushes an agenda that excludes so many.

Here's an important bit: Acoustic Nations does not seek any claim on artists' copyright, we simply ask to use the images we shoot on our web site and, if we can find another market for the footage, we give the artists a return on whatever we make - it's an open, simple and transparent agreement and we'll supply details to anyone who wants them. Just ask. Artists can use links on YouTube for the material and we encourage blogging/tweeting/Facebook and soundcloud activity, in fact we'll do all we can to help.


AcousticNations is the brain-child of Colin Webb, an experienced producer/director, with help from musician Paul James, TV cameraman Paul Keating and digital media specialist Neil Ah-Wan. Bored and lonely in a hotel room, Colin wanted to listen to some acoustic music. Surfing YouTube he realised that a lot of what he saw didn't show either the performers or their music off to best effect.

"We can do better" he thought.

So we did.

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